GES End of Year Important Dates

Tue, 03/27/2018 - 12:50pm

June is a busy time at Guilford so here are some important dates to mark on your calendar.

June 1st: Grade 2 Picnic 11:15-12:45 pm

June 7th: Kindergarten Celebration 9:40 am

June 7th: Grade 5 Picnic 12:15-1:45 pm

June 7th: Grade 5 Spring Chorus Concert 7:00pm

June 8th: Grade 4 Picnic 1:15-2:45pm

June 11th: Kindergarten Picnic 10:45-12:15 pm

June 12th: Grade 5 Promotion 9:00-10:40am

June 12th: Grade 1 Picnic 11:15-12:45pm