A Note from Mr. Davis - 4/19/17

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 10:41am

We hope you had a wonderful Spring Break!  Many of our staff were able to travel out of town to see family and they had a wonderful time.  Our hope is that you enjoyed your family time as well!   
As warmer weather approaches, we are finding that it’s often cooler in the mornings and then warms up by mid-day.  We are encouraging your children to dress in layers so they can handle the cooler morning followed by warmer afternoons.  Please write their names in their sweatshirts in case they take them off.
The final 40 days of school are very busy ones and we have worked to ensure that our GES website calendar is up to date.  Please visit our website calendar at  
 http://ges.hcpss.org/calendar or you can check the dates on the HCPSS app.   
Have a wonderful week!