From The Title 1 Team

Wed, 03/27/2019 - 1:14pm

At GES, our Learning Compact and Plan includes goals for student achievement. This section of the Paw Prints will be used to share information parents can use to support their children in achieving the goals. We hope that this information is helpful to you!

HCPSS Goal:  Applying mathematics to real-life situations

The Howard County Public School System’s mathematics program is built upon the HCPSS Mathematics Curriculum. The mathematics standards set a rigorous definition of college and career readiness by demanding that students develop a depth of understanding and ability to apply mathematics to real-life situations, as college students and employees regularly do. There are many opportunities for you to support your child by allowing them practice with real world problems. Here are some ideas your child can do:

  • Double a recipe or cut a recipe in half  
  • Determine how many cookies each person in your family can have when you bake or buy them
  • Determine how much food to buy or make for dinner or for a party
  • When shopping:
    • Estimate the cost of the groceries in your cart as you fill it
    • Use subtraction to compare prices to get the best bargain
    • Estimate the amount of produce in a pound and use the store scale to check the weight
  • Determine how many miles you will drive on an errand or longer trip, and how many gallons of gas that will require.  
  • Determine how many gallons of gas you can buy with X dollars
  • Determine the number of miles driven in X hours
  • Determine how long it will take to drive home going X mph
  • Calculate the cost of lunch at a restaurant.
  • Calculate the cost of school lunch for the week or month
  • Determine how long he or she will need to save allowance in order to buy a particular item
  • Figure the cost of X number of minutes of cell phone use if you pay X cents/minutes
  • Determine the sales tax of an item, calculate the final cost, and determine the change he will get if he pays with X dollars