A Note from Mr. Davis - 11/08/17

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 10:52am

Wow, daylight savings time came in with a bang, I know the time change was welcomed to get an extra hour of sleep, however I’m not a fan of it being dark so early.  It’s clear that the temperatures are changing and we want to remind everyone to dress in layers and with the appropriate jacket.  Each day our goal is to get outside for recess as often as possible.
Next week, we celebrate American Education Week.  Our focus day is on Tuesday, November 14th, however, you are welcome to visit any day throughout the week.  When you visit you will need to check in and get a visitors pass before visiting your child.  We hope you are able to join us throughout the week.  Hopefully you have signed up for conferences, if not please do so, our goal is 100% of our families participating in parent teacher conferences.
Our grade level teams have been involved in Long Range Planning for the second quarter during the past week.  As a Title I school, we are able to have each team participate in a half day of planning for both reading and math.  If your child told you their teacher is out and there was a substitute, this is why.  This is always a great time for our teams to collaborate and plan upcoming lessons.